Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bieber Fever!

I sat watching the children of Sydney lined up outside the Channel 7 Studio in Martin Place with their sad little faces, signs and digital devices ready in hand trying to get a glimpse of their beloved childhood heartthrob and screaming at any mention of the word Bieber...and all i could do was laugh.

It seemed so silly, hundreds of children looking out for a side hair swept 16 year old pop star that wouldn't even know they were there! Justin Bieber seems quite lame to me. Well the hype does, he is quite talented and seems like a sweet boy. The whole thing just seemed a little over the top and it made me reflect on my childhood and my experiences and shamed love affairs with the bands of the nineties.

I can remember waking up with not an inch of my baby pink painted wall showing as it was plastered with overlapping posters of Hanson. Mmmbopalicious! I to be honest didn't crush on any of them but i loved the songs, i loved the exclusivity of knowing everything about them and it was just something that keeps your life going as a child..not too sure why?

We all find that need to place our adoration on something external to us. Something that is not in our immediate lives such as a band, a TV series, movie (twilight for example) or celebrities galore. They represent something that we want to be close to but can not reach in our daily lives. Hanson represented - well i can not really place my finger on it? Boys? Music? Fun? Belonging? whatever it was it was a little weird obsession! Because i placed them in my lives i felt cooler some how.

The day that you disengage with your childhood crush is one that happens so instantly. For some it is because you find another boy band, celebrity heart throb or general interest to tickle your fancy. For others it is because they have plainly out grown the stage. For was the moment when i was trying to watch Hanson on the television and my mum said..."oh is that the band with the 2 boys and the little girl in the middle like the poster on your wall?"

ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had forgotten about Hanson within 24 hours.

You can only really laugh at these situations and weird obsessions much after the incident takes place. It's that moment that you look back and say- what the h e double hockey sticks was i thinking....and then you say, wow that was lame i should have said HELL.

I jump from heart throb to heart just can't help it. Currently i am on my Hamish Blake/ Hamish and Andy obsession...that's lasted about 7 lets hope i don't look back and go...daym!...i was lame. But eventually i believe that will just happen when they are old and fat with no hair and are ghosting people, but really just harassing women on the street.

Bieber may be a fad but you might as well go all out whilst you can. It's just the way life goes...go with it!

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